“Outstanding – translates the folk legends of Transylvania into a tale of subterranean nightmares.” (Publishers Weekly, USA)

“A dark, literary pearl of the fantastic.” (Börsenblatt, Germany)

“It is pure horror that wreaks havoc in this novel, but it is a Hieronymus Bosch-like, stylized, even subliminally ironic horror.” (die tageszeitung, Germany)

“A bow to the power of storytelling in the form of literary body horror.” (Buchkultur, Germany)

“Reimagines the horror novel with powerful language.” (Bücher Magazin, Germany)

“A master of dark fantasy, but above all, a master of the art of storytelling.” (Observator cultural, Romania)

“If you are looking for a book that will turn your view of fantasy upside down, this is the one in front of you. His work will leave its mark on literature.” (Darker Magazine, Russia)

“Unconventional and inventive, masterfully written and no less masterfully translated. Far from the concept of “genre prose”, these are the novels of a real master who knows how to handle words and meanings.” (World of Science Fiction Magazine, Russia)

“The author reaches deep into the prop box of fairy tales, myths and legends, biblical and horror stories to give atmosphere and flesh to his double parable of the wonderful and at the same time dangerous power of storytelling and the almost inseparable coexistence of good and evil. This is entertaining and pleasurably gruesome.” (SWR 2, Germany)

“This adventure novel about the fight against evil, but also about friendship and love as well as loss and death, is inspired by both the picaresque and the legend of the saints but counteracts both genres to varying degrees. Fans of dark fantasy will certainly get their money’s worth.” (Literaturkritik.de, Germany)

“Drawing on the profound literature of Dante, Borges, Kafka and Murakami, Miasma plays with the myths of Transylvania and the imagery of dark romanticism.” (Intellectures, Germany)

“Flavius Ardelean-Bachmann writes about alternative worlds beyond the multiverse – a fable about the grotesque in the guise of the sublime and about the sublime hidden in the grotesque.” (Suplimentul de cultură, Romania)

“A challenging, fascinating work.” (Geek Magazine, Germany)

“Flavius Ardelean-Bachmann’s work oscillates between avant-garde expressionist techniques and almost traditional folkloristic ghost stories.” (phantastisch! Magazine, Germany)

“Miasma is a fantastic one-of-a-kind that can hardly be compared with other works in the genre. With its linguistic power, the frightening but at the same time wonderfully inspiring life stories and the monstrosity of the world design, it is something special. It is not a book for in-between reading, but rather for reading with a capital R.” (Fantasy Guide, Germany)

“Dark and eloquent fantasy.” (Legacy Magazine, Germany)

“Flavius Ardelean-Bachmann combines genius and madness in his work.” (Books and Tattoos, Germany)

winner of the Cărturino Children’s Book of the Year Award, Romania, 2023 | nominated for the Babel Fish Award for Best Translated Fantasy Novel, Russia, 2023 | nominated for the Brasov Cultural Awards Book of the Year, 2018, 2019, 2023 | winner of the Colin Award for Fantasy Fiction, Romania, 2014, 2017 | nominated for the Young Writers Gala Best Young Novelist Award, Romania, 2015, 2016 | nominated for the Chambery Festival Best European Debut, France, 2012

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